Halloween Clown Groundbreaker 73cm

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      Halloween Clown Groundbreaker 73cm
  • A colorful freaky animated 73cm high jumping pop-up circus clown groundbreaker in classic clown attire. Be quiet and don’t make any sudden loud sounds, or else this freaky demonic clown might set its sights on you! You can bend the arms to set your own custom pose.
  • This creepy circus clown groundbreaker sits quietly, waiting for unsuspecting victims to jump up at and scare! The clown jumps up from 24" to 30" when it is sound or touch-activated, and it says 4 spooky phrases while its demonic red eyes are flashing.
  • Speaks 4 phrases with circus music before each phrase and a ghoulish laugh after each phrase: "If you think I’m funny, you should look in the mirror!", "Woahh, move it, I’m on a roll; here comes trouble!", "Welcome little kiddies; how about some tricks and some treats!", "Hey, you look familiar, maybe it's because I've been hiding under your bed!", "Oooh why don’t you take off that mask; whaat; that’s not a mask; it’s your face!".
  • It is a great finishing touch to add a little more fright to the trick-or-treater's night when placed near the front porch or almost anywhere. A spooky addition at a Halloween party or haunted house!
  • Dimensions: 30" high with a 36" wide arm span; Powered with 4 - AA Batteries (included). Includes switch to power on or off.