Daphne's Diary 2024 Journal

Daphne's Diary 2024 Journal

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This is the new Daphne’s Diary journal for 2024. It’s filled with the most creative designs, enough space for daily planning, fold-out monthly overviews, weekly shopping lists and to-do-lists, convenient pockets in the front and back and fun extras.


15 x 21 cm / 6 x 8,5 inch

Fun extras

This journal is full of fun extras to keep you entertained and gives you lots of space to get creative.
– Multiple sticker sheets
– Washi tapes
– Postcards
– Bookmarks
– Template for drawings
– Tags
– Bookmarks that you can cut out and embroider
– Ruler
– Recipes
– Front and back storage pockets
– 2 envelopes with extra items

Weekly spreads

Each weekly spread contains a shopping list and a to-do-list. Each day you can fill out how much water you drank, if you’ve eaten your fruits and vegetables, you can track your steps, what you want to watch on tv, what you’ll have for dinner and how you feel.

Ring binder

The journal has a ring binder so you can easily lay it down flat to write and get to planning!