Valentine's Day

Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Fascinating Valentines Day Gifts for Him

A special person deserves a special mention: a hug, a gift or some time out to communicate; we appreciate them and all they do for us. Whether you are a true romantic or a realist with a heart of gold, Kippa's Giftware will ensure you have access to an extensive range of products for all the special people in your life. Our fantastic range of products includes Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her. If you’re overwhelmed by the choices, a gift card is the perfect alternative.

Fresh Ideas For Men’s Valentine’s Gifts

Our ranges for him include fun, functional items, remembrance items, technology and travel items, as well as games, fashion and outdoor products. Browse to find the perfect gift. Here are some ideas:

  • A practical gift thatwill make his life easier is a sure win: AirPods with wireless charging, a power bank or a phone stand will ensure workdays run smoother and go by faster.
  • A personalised item is a win because it speaks to his heart: engraved executive pen, an engraved pocket knife, or a unique golf ball set are just a few examples of men’s Valentine’s gifts.

Fun Facts About Valentine’s Gifts For Her

The exact origin of this day is unknown, but there are a couple of theories. One is that the root of the current day known for showing love and spreading love, unfortunately, has a dark history. There were several St. Valentines who died on 14 February. The date is also associated with a liturgical feast to celebrate beheading of a couple of third-century Christian martyrs. In the Middle Ages, the day turned a corner to its happy, romantic association we know today.

  • In the West, red and pink are often associated with love, and Valentine’s gifts for her, will be bathed in red. Red, however, in Indian culture symbolises purity and is used for auspicious events like wedding, the birth of a child, and festivals.
  • Valentine’s Day is the biggest holiday for florists, beating celebrations like Christmas and Mother’s Day. It is also said that teachers are the biggest recipient of Valentine’s gifts.
  • Popular Valentine’s gifts for her include flowers, chocolates and jewellery pieces.

About Kippa's Giftware

Our business, Kippa's Giftware, stems from a wealth of life experience and the need to create. A decade later, we are happy to say we still enjoy providing clients with a wide variety of fun gifts, we provide something for everyone as we understand the thought, love and deep appreciation shown with gifts. We are proudly locally owned, and we offer free standard shipping on purchases over AUS$100. Our offering includes religious items, excellent choices for the women in your life and gift cards – to name but a few.

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